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                    Industry news
                    The difference between black masterbatch and color masterbatch

                    The black masterbatch is also known as the color masterbatch, and its basic components are: pigments or dyes, carriers, dispersants, additives, and the like. So today we will take a look at how the color masterbatch is graded according to the variety?
                    So for the black masterbatch, of course, he is a kind of masterbatch, but its status is different from other black masterbatch. It is the most commonly used masterbatch in our plastic processing, and it is also the largest one. It is widely used in the plastics processing industry, such as injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding and so on. In real life, it is widely used in the plastic molding of automotive plastic parts, in the extrusion molding of plastic pipes, in the production of agricultural film and geotechnical materials.

                    All in all, the application of black masterbatch in the plastics industry is extensive and relevant to our lives. And with the development of China's plastics industry this year, the masterbatch industry has also achieved gratifying development results, and people have gradually realized that it plays an important role in plastic processing, although it is used in less amount.

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