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                    Industry news
                    Advantages of high concentration black masterbatch

                    1. The black masterbatch is a granular product at normal temperature.

                    2. No carrier, so no impact on the physical properties caused by the carrier: such as physical incompatibility (peeling), resistance to impact reduction, excessive MI increase.

                    3. New process single-cut manufacturing, the composition of the composition: 92% high precision, high blackness, very small particle size black powder, 8% microcrystalline wax, is a very suitable and stable black masterbatch formula. Because of the integrity of the formulation, the masking rate is high, the dispersibility is good, and the non-migrating type does not precipitate after coloring.

                    4. Due to the low amount of addition, it will never cause conduction, and it is widely used in motors and electronic products.

                    5. It has passed the SGS certification, does not contain eight heavy metals, in line with the latest environmental protection policies of countries such as Europe and the United States.

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