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                    Service Center
                    The company produces  a wide variety of plastic masterbatch, which can be used for a variety of plastic coloring products, including: color masterbatch, filler masterbatch, desiccant masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, functional masterbatch,  with thousands of varieties. Our masterbatches can be widely applied to the coloring of various plastic articles for daily use, household appliances, plastic parts, plastic films, wires, cables and the like. Technical personnel with many years of practical experience can customize masterbatch according to different requirements of customers.

                    The company pays great attention to personnel training and technological innovation. Here gathered a large number of technical personnel and sales backbone and high-quality management personnel, we provide excellent pre-sales service and strong customer service support to customers, and actively participating in the development of products and customer color. At the same time we work closely together with many domestic universities and research institutes, with continuous innovation, new products emerge in an endless stream, leading the development of colored masterbatch industry.

                    Companies adhering to the "sincere work, letter to business" business philosophy, for customers and the community to create the greatest value, we sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad visit our company, sincerely hope we work together to create tomorrow!



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