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                    color masterbatch price
                    Application:wire drawing, extrusion, injection molding

                    Carrier:PP PE ABS

                    Appearance:Small Granule




                    Product Application:Palstic Injection, blow molding, film

                    Material:PP PE ABS

                    Type:plastic masterbatch

                    Package:25kg Paper-plastic Compound Bag

                    Color masterbatch details

                    Color masterbatch uses the PE or PP as the carrier, chooses the pigments or dyes of the inorganic/organic, or some special effect dyes, added by the suitable additives.


                    Color masterbatch test data sheet


                    3*3mm round granule, bright and smooth surface



                    Granule diameter


                    Application ratio


                    Carbon black concentration


                    Carbon black content


                    Carbon black content


                    Carbon type




                    Chromatic aberration ΔE


                    Coloring Strength


                    Content of carbon black





                    Color masterbatch advantage

                    Containing high concentration pigment
                    High darkness which makes your product black enough
                    High brightness that makes your product bright enough
                    Showing better dispersing and stability performance
                    Suitable for PE/HDPE/LDPE/PP/ABS/PS/HIPS/PVC/EVA
                    Adopting high quality carbon black with steady properties
                    Using the organic toughening dispersant
                    Processed and modified by special technology

                    Using the optimized dispersant which helps the carbon black to spread




                    Packaging & Shipping

                    Color masterbatch price


                    Company information

                    We welcome old and new customers all over the world and import & export company & trade merchants in the oversea to talk and cooperate in the future.



                    Why choose us?

                    We promise to solve all the problems during trading process.
                    We promise our quality and the products will be approved by your side.
                    We will regularly track level of customer satisfaction.
                    We have automated the process of providing services.
                    We focus on quality management.
                    We apply mechanisms employer flexibility.
                    We apply differentiated pricing policy over time.
                    We have accurate demand forecast.
                    We are manufacturer and we have our own factory.
                    We can offer you a competitive price and high quality than other suppliers.
                    We can provide free sample for your testing.
                    We can ensure a quick delivery date.
                    We have various payment terms, like L/C, D/P, T/T for your choice.

                    We use imported testing instrument to test and measure the plastic tensile and flexural properties, SCI and SCE, the melt flow rate.



                    How does the buyer use the masterbatch?
                    Mix the material and the masterbatch together by the blender mixer according to the appending proportion. If no blender mixer, it can be manual mixed.
                    Could you give an example for using masterbatch?
                    For example: Put 100kg PE material and 4kg PE masterbatch into the blender mixer. Continue the film blowing process as normal.
                    How do the customers customize color?
                    Customers offer to us the sample of color sheet as the required color. We make our own samples according to customer's sample sent to us.
                    Is there other way to get the desired color?
                    We send our sample to customer for test. We produce according to orders after the sample got approved by the customers.
                    Do we provide free sample of the products?
                    Of course, please feel free to tell me your specific requirements, and then we will make the corresponding customized sample to you.
                    What’s your shipping port?

                    Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao etc.


                    Color masterbatch price


                    Ivy Lee

                    Email: sales1@www.artechgame.com



                    Whatsapp: +86-18660195311

                    Address: 600 meters south of Zhengjia Village, Changjia Town, Qingyun County, Dezhou, Shandong, P.R.China

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